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Half Off Designer Jewelry

A Jewelry Loan is nice, but a great gift is even better!

Acme Pawn is so much more than a place for a great jewelry loan. More than half of our customers don’t come to us for a Jewelry loan. Our customers find a variety of jewelry, watches, gold and so much more for that special occasion.


Buy With Confidence

Our designer jewelry comes with an appraisal by a reputable, GIA certified local jeweler. Appraisals are  important because they state market value of your jewelry item  (the price you would pay at the local big box jewelry store) Additionally, a jewelry appraisal is needed for insurance purposes. Rest assured, you won’t get a hyper inflated price from us. Our prices typically begin around HALF of the appraisal.  What does that mean to you? You can GET TWICE THE RING for that special person in your life, or the Rolex he’s always wanted that you couldn’t afford elsewhere. 



No need for a jewelry loan, but have a stash of old jewelry you no longer want? It’s easy to sell your gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum, jewelry, designer watches for cash! WE BUY BROKEN jewelry, gold and silver coins as well. So bring in your broken gold and silver jewelry for cash.  If you’re wondering how we estimate our cash offer for a jewelry loan,  we base the offer on the current gold rate and the purity of the gold. We also add in the value of any stones, such as Diamonds and birthstones.  For example, 24k gold will render a higher cash offer than 18k gold or 10k gold.

cash for jewelry easy jewelry loan


It happens all the time. You come in looking for a tool or a tv, when suddenly, a piece of jewelry catches your eye. Instantly, a warm happy feeling overcomes all your senses. Instead of walking right on by to what you intended to look for, you stop for a closer look. Finally, you talk yourself into trying it on “just for fun.” Now you’re in trouble. IT’S PERFECT. 

 The unexpected is found every day at ACME Pawn shops. When you don’t have the money on hand, you can layaway that special find with 20% down and make monthly payments of 20%. That’s 5 months to make your payments.During the layaway period, your Jewelry will be placed in our safe, waiting for you to bring it home upon that final payment.

Doesn't it feel good to find custom jewelry that they'll love at a fraction of the price? We think so too. You'll be amazed at our selection of Name Brand Jewelry.

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