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Colorado Springs Auto Pawn Loans

Why Choose an Auto Pawn Loan?

An auto pawn is a fast convenient way to get a loan without a long application process, or waiting days for funding. Get the money you need today!

Another great reason to pawn your car for cash is for storage! Many military families have used our auto pawn to not only get some extra cash when necessary, but the service fee is usually less than just a storage facility.
Depending on your vehicle, the lowest car pawn loan begins at $500 and can be as much as $50,000. 

A Car Pawn Loan Only Takes a Few Minutes

The auto pawn process is hassle-free and very efficient. With our experience, you can be sure that the loan process will run smoothly and quickly. Usually 15 minutes or less!

Where is my car kept during my loan ?

While your car is in Pawn, your vehicle will be stored in a secure location and the title will be kept in our shop.  Since the car is the collateral for your loan, nothing will be owed on your loan if you fail to make the renewal fee each month. Furthermore, the car will  belong to Acme for resale to fulfill the loan balance.

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How Do I Pawn My Car?

An Acme Auto Pawn Loan makes it simple to get cash with bad or no credit. It’s a simple process to get cash for your car. There are a few things you need to qualify for a loan:

First, for all pawns in Colorado, you need to be at least 18 or older with a valid Government Issued ID.

Second, you need to own your vehicle free and clear, meaning title must be in your name, and if you are a co-owner, both people need to be present. The title cannot  have a lien (you owe money to the bank for your car). 

Additionally, you need to have auto registration and insurance. We may need to move your vehicle on a public street to our storage facility.

Auto Pawn Questions?

Most frequently asked questions and answers about Auto Pawn

You can Pawn your car as long as it is in decent, functioning condition. You can get an auto pawn loan on any year, make, or model vehicle, from sedans, mini-vans, 2 door coupes, trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, to Off Highway Vehicles and Snowmobiles.

Along with the year, make, model, and nada valuation resources, here are factors that
you need to keep in mind when getting money for your vehicle:

Car model:
Do you drive a popular vehicle that’s highly desired?
Desireability of your vehicle will get larger cash offers for your car:
Colorado drivers prefer Four wheel drive trucks (4WD or 4×4), all wheel drive (AWD)
vehicles such as toyota 4 Runner and Jeep.
If your Big ‘ol Ford Truck is a 2 wheel drive (2wd), your cash offer will definitely reflect
that. Unlike Texas, where a 2 wheel drive vehicle will sell just fine due to flat roads and
warm weather, that just doesn’t work in Colorado Climates. The loan quote for your
Truck or Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) will reflect it.

Family cars (minivans) such as Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town &
Country, Dodge Grand Caravan and the like are always in the market.

Hybrid Cars and Cars with great gas mileage
Colorado Springs is spread out compared to other cities. Commuters are looking to buy
cars with great gas mileage. Cars that get great miles per gallon (mpg) sell well, such
as Honda civic, Nissan compact cars, Toyota cars, etc.

Mileage (or hours on OHVs)
The mileage is a HUGE factor in the value of the vehicle. If you want to pawn 2 year old
car with 60,000 miles on it, that’s way more miles than a car of that age. On the other
hand, if you have a 20 year old car with 60,000 miles, you will get a much larger offer
than average.

Is your vehicle clean or covered in dog hair and smells like an ash tray?
Are there tears, stains, dash cracks, missing buttons or knobs, etc.?
Do all the electronics in the vehicle function properly?
Do the AC and Heat both work?

Tire condition (is there ample tread on the tires or will they need to be replaced soon)
Is the windshield deeply pitted or cracked and need replacement?
Are there large dents or paint scratches
Is there any rust on the body of your car?
Will it need windshield wipers, etc.


If you are trying to pawn a convertible in Colorado during Winter, you will most likely be
getting a lower offer than if you pawned your mustang convertible in Summer.

Remember, even if you’re just getting a loan for your vehicle, we have to keep in mind
the resale value/cost to resale while being able to make a profit if you decide to leave
your car and not renew your auto pawn.

We  buy and pawn all makes and models of motorbikes! Our most popular pawned motorcycles include: 
Motorcycle Cruisers: Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Honda, Triumph, Suzuki 
sport bikes: Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki, Dual sport motorcycles such as Buell, 
enduro bikes, scooters of all makes and models
Types of trailers include: car haulers, flatbed trailers, enclosed trailers, boat trailers (no boat necessary), toy trailers, horse & stock trailers- even homemade trailers. 
Working lights and tire condition will play a role in how much we can offer for your trailer.  
This may sound redundant, but all trailers need a clean title in your name.

Class A Recreational Vehicles
Class B rvs- Camper Van
Class C RVs- Travel lite trailers (get list of brands)-airstream new and vintage,
Pawn your toy hauler with us too.
We even loan on Quality, newer pop-up campers as well.

Get the most for your RV with these tips-
Bring your RV Clean. It costs a lot to detail an RV
Tires should be in good condition
All tanks emptied
Bring title with you – Once again, A clean Title in YOUR name. If you have Joint Tanancy,
both parties will need to be present.

Benefits of a RV Pawn: Monthly loan renewal fee usually less than the cost of storing
your RV at a nearby storage facility.
Loan can be as long as you need.
RV Pawn can be paid down each month- no need to come up with a lump sum to
redeem your RV.
No credit penalties if you decide to stop your pawn payment. We now own the vehicle
and will prepare the sale of your RV, just like any other vehicle.

I don’t need a RV loan, I want to sell my RV today for cash.
Thats great news! We can help you get cash for your RV in the same Day. No waiting
period for your money.

We don’t consign your RV
RV Consignments can be long an tedious.
Save yourself the hassle of the possibility of your vehicle sitting on a used RV lot for
months on end.

We buy OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles), Dirt Bikes, Atv’s Four-wheelers, Quads,
(Whichever name you prefer them called), Utility Vehicles, SxS vehicles.

Snow mobiles
Snow mobiles are considered an OHV since they have track that touches the ground.

All off highway vehicles need to have titles, Titling of OHVs in Colorado has been in
place since July 1, 2014. If you do not have a title for an older model, you need to apply for a Off Highway Vehicle Title one at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What brands and types of ATVs and UTVs do pawn shops buy? 

Youth ATVs / Sport ATVs / Utility ATVs are all frequently pawned. 

Off Highway Vehicles
Popular brands of off highway vehicles will bring more money when you sell or pawn
them. These brands include: 

Arctic-cat | Can-am | Honda Powersports | Kawasaki ATVs | Kymco |
Polaris| Suzuki | Yamaha | Bombardier

In order to pawn your boat, you MUST include the trailer with clean title.
Boats need to be newer (usually within 10 years).
Sell or pawn your water toys 
Acme pawn pays good money for your jet skis and water vehicles

More Questions?

If you have further questions about our auto pawn services, please call or visit a location near you. We are happy to discuss why an auto pawn loan can work for you!

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